Friday, August 4, 2017

Protect Your Earned Benefits During NARFE's Grassroots Advocacy Month!

In August, members of Congress return to their home states and districts from Washington, DC, to touch base with their constituents and listen to the concerns of their community. Because of this, August is NARFE's Grassroots Advocacy Month and the perfect opportunity to make your voice heard! NARFE’s goal is to ensure legislators support protecting and enhancing the earned pay and retirement and health benefits of the federal community, not take these earned benefits away.

How are you planning to take action during Grassroots Advocacy Month? Use NARFE's new Advocacy Hopscotch Worksheet to determine the advocacy action that’s best for you.

The first thing every NARFE member should do is send a message to their legislators using NARFE's Legislative Action Center and from there, decide how far to proceed based on their own comfort level with the succeeding box. Engaging legislators in multiple ways is encouraged! Each type of outreach strengthens NARFE's position and builds relationships with legislators.

Please join your fellow NARFE members across the country and engage with members of your congressional delegation during Grassroots Advocacy Month. We need every NARFE member to take action in order to prevent threats to the federal community from becoming law.

NARFE's Legislative Priorities in August

Click on the links below to send a message to your legislators via NARFE's Legislative Action Center regarding NARFE's legislative priorities:

Click on the links below to view grassroots resources and guidelines for your advocacy efforts this August:

Thank you for taking action in August. We appreciate your time and efforts! If you have questions about how to engage with your legislators around NARFE's legislative priorities please contact


NARFE's Legislative Department

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