Monday, September 21, 2015

Info on the Fall Roundup

I guess it’s time to get you some info on the Fall Roundup. The date is Monday 26 October. Place: The Homestead Restaurant on North Drive in Hopkinsville. We will start registration at 9:00 AM and begin the festivities at 9:45. The schedule will remain pretty much as before: Coffee, juice and Danish with registration followed by the morning program (a speaker ((TBD)), some NARFE business, and awards. Lunch at 12 will be order by menu (during registration period). I’ve eaten there once and food was pretty good and not expensive. Susan Horn will be the afternoon program at 1:00 PM, and we will wrap up around 2:00 with door prizes and Alzheimer’s 50/50 raffle drawings.

For those not familiar with the Homestead, it’s in an old, rather quaint one-story building set back a bit from the road. If you approach Hopkinsville from the west on 68, it intersects with North Drive a little way after passing the Senior Center. There is a stop light. Facing east, there is a BP station and Tempo Auto Sales lot on your left, a Wendy’s and Taco Bell on your right. Turn left. Homestead is about a block down the road on the left. Hard to miss. Coming from the east: After going through downtown Hopkinsville on 68, just watch for the landmarks and turn right. You probably won’t save much by taking the bypass and coming back east..


By way of explanation, for those who haven’t heard this: Miss Scarlett’s, where we have held both annual district meetings for several years, is no longer available. It was sold at auction, and we don’t know yet if it will reopen. Coincidentally, we recently added two chapters – Bowling Green and Mammoth cave – to the first district, expanding its boundary much farther east. (It’s now about 200 miles from west to east.) It seemed logical and fair that, since we had to move to a new venue anyway, we try to find one farther east for at least one of the two meetings to try to accommodate members of our two new chapters. The Homestead was the only place I could come up with (thanks to a suggestion from the Hopkinsville chapter). If you have another suggestion I’d be happy to check it out. The “plan” is to hold the second meeting at a venue (TBD) in the west and flip-flop them every year so that each side gets the Fall Roundup (the more highly attended meeting) every other year. HOWEVER, this effort with the Fall Roundup is an experiment of sorts. These meetings are important, but they’re also expensive to put on for me and the chapters. So it will depend largely on attendance. If we cannot draw a sufficient number of members to make the meeting worth the effort, I will have to rethink the “plan”. SO, I ask you, please, do everything you can to get to your members and encourage them to attend. I know that many members, especially in my age range, cannot or do not like to drive more than short distances. Look to carpooling. Anyone have a van, or do you have budget to rent one? As we get closer to the meeting, I’d appreciate some feedback on about how many from your chapter might attend, so I can keep the restaurant up to date.

We’ll send you post cards announcing the meeting and address labels for your chapter by the end of the month. Just add the stamp and send by 15 October. Please double check the addresses. If you see some that you positively know are unable to attend due to health reasons, please hold them out and return to me. That will help when we have to do this again. I much appreciate your help in this. As always, questions, criticism, comments are most welcome.


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